Supplier Relationship Management
Organize your supplier base
Manage your business risks

Commerce-hub's SRM is the engine of your supplier management system. Stay on top of your suppliers by following the latest news through the media portal. Create qualification questionnaires to automate supplier compliance. Monitor the validity of important documents using statements. Focus on the things that matter while SRM does the hard work of keeping everything organized.

Insight into supplier compliancy

Gain insight into the compliancy of suppliers based on your requirements. Electronic qualification enables your organization to set-up a structured process for supplier qualification. Regardless whether the focus is financials, quality, social responsibility or environmental standards - inquiries can be integrated with your Rfx process or can be set-up as a separate qualification procedure. Once set up, your dashboards and reports automatically update each day with the latest compliancy status.

Efficient management of certificates

Collaborate with your suppliers to keep supplier documents up to date. Keep important supplier statements such as quality certificates, financial reports and environmental standards valid using statement management. Store certificates centrally, receive automatic alerts in case of expired documents and build a complete audit trail of supplier compliance. Do all this and at the same time reduce the effort involved drastically.

Key metrics insights

Get rid of 'local', 'fragmented' and 'ad hoc' - turn measuring supplier performance into a professional process. Use KPI Management to centrally stored supplier performance data, signal trends and highlight underperformance. Focusing on irregularities becomes the rule rather than the exception.

All the info you need in one view

Shift the focus from gathering information to using information. All supplier activity is brought together in your management dashboard. Not only regarding the different elements within the Commerce-hub platform such as contracts, surveys or Rfx's but also regarding operational spend data or performance information from external sources such as an ERP-system or financial application.

All the latest news

You want to know what's happening with your suppliers? Prevent wasting time surfing for the latest news. Use RSS feeds to collect the latest news and present it in the news room. There is total freedom in defining the relevant feeds (e.g. Financial Times) for your organization.

External information directly available

Integrate with Financial service providers to prevent duplicate suppliers, obsolete contact data and incomplete supplier records. Use our standard integration with organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Graydon and Dun & Bradstreet to make external information directly available to internal stakeholders.