Supplier Performance
Embed, structure and measure performance
Understanding leads to better results

Streamline the process of gathering performance information: Commerce-hub's Supplier Performance. It's as easy to use as your own email system — just smarter. No more searching for the right templates. Building the ideal survey based on standard electronic formats. Easily track and analyze differences in performance using custom filters. All leading to reduced effort and improved insights.

Automatic and up to date

Reduce the administrative burden and improve the accuracy of results. Every submitted response is fully automatic processed and incorporated into the survey results – no manual intervention needed. Results such as overall score, group scores and response % are always up to date.

Performance in perspective

Benchmark supplier performance at multiple levels. The surveys within Performance Surveys allow you to define benchmarks at both overall and sub-level. Compare supplier performance for different categories such as budget, quality, logistics and cost to your own standards. Making it all very easy to signal performance trends, both positive and where improvement is needed.

Open subscribe provides easy access

Embed supplier evaluation into company processes by using open subscribe. The open subscribe option allows access to a survey via a URL. The URL can be made available through for example the intranet. By clicking the URL users open the survey at a certain moment (e.g. after completing a project). This greatly reduces the effort to provide the right people at the right time access to the right survey.

Part of a bigger picture

Directly linked to relevant information instead of getting lost. Link performance surveys directly to contracts to get relevant information from other areas of supplier management into your contracts. Performance information is directly visible within a contract. With only one click a user navigates from a contract into the details and background of a specific survey. This integration creates both a wow factor for your users as well as a broad supplier picture.

Use filtering to explore results

Create direct insight into performance differences between regions, sites and functions. Use custom filters to zoom in on different aspects of a performance survey. A typical example is to visualize differences within regions by filtering results by region of a respondent. This automatically visualizes differences in performance per region, in addition to the default available overall analysis.