Sourcing & Tendering
Streamline your sourcing process
Uniformity of process and communication

With Commerce-hub Sourcing you are always in control of your tender. Whether it is during preparation, evaluation or closing — use the digital tender file to stay on top of tender issues, collaborate with your team, and track and reply to supplier questions. It's that easy and it's always safe and secure.

Keep questions organized

Organize and answer questions from suppliers with our powerful Q&A rounds. Use the Q&A rounds to track, assign and respond to supplier questions. Filter questions any way you choose — directly in your screen. Look into questions assigned just to you. See the questions that have not been resolved. Even see all the questions that haven't gotten a response, are related to chapter 5 in your RFx and have been assigned to the legal expert of your company.

Import from MS-Excel

Simplify the creation of an electronic request by importing RFx content directly from MS-Excel. The import enables you to prepare questions in MS-Excel, add detailed properties (e.g. mandatory or not) and import a complete RFx into Commerce-hub with a single click. Easy, smart and quick. Greatly reducing the effort to build an RFx.

Share knowledge via social share

Use an RFx from a buyer outside your own organization via Social share. Social share opens the possibility to access and re-use requests from buyers outside your own organization that are also using Commerce-hub. Copy an entire external RFx to your own project with a simple click. Of course, only after personalized access has been granted.

Multiple RFx flavours

Strongly price related requests ask for a different approach. RFQ management acknowledges this and provides a powerful instrument which supports the complete RFQ process. The distribution of (large) files, tracking supplier progress, easy adding of a quotation and direct comparison of prices, it’s all included. It is especially helpful for construction and building projects and in case of master agreements with multiple preferred suppliers.

Electronic negotiation through an auction

Improve your results through electronic negotiation. C·AUCTION, the Commerce-hub auction instrument, saves time and gets you the right market price. By simultaneously negotiating with multiple suppliers on total cost of ownership, not just price, market dynamics will lead to better results. The possibility of multiple bid parameters, multiple lots and a flexible TCO formula provides the necessary flexibility. The complete audit trail of bids and actions guarantees a transparent and traceable process.