Contract Management
Manage your commitments
Get the most out of your suppliers

Contract Management enables efficient recording as well as effective control of contracts. Make sure the system fits your needs using custom fields and templates. Triggers and formulas simplify data entry. Dynamic date fields combined with scheduling of reports automatically highlights exceptions. All focused on initiating timely actions instead of fixing afterwards.

Always up to date using dynamic date fields

Commerce-hub makes reporting of accurate and timely contract information very easy. Reports are automatically kept up to date using dynamic date fields such as 'This month', 'Next week', 'Today' and 'Last 90 days'.

Granting the right access

Connecting users to the right contracts has never been easier. Use contract files together with user roles to wow your internal stakeholders by presenting them only those contracts that are relevant to them. If required, access rights may even differ between different parts of the contract.

Automate data entry using triggers and formulas

Save time and improve data quality by reducing the manual effort related to enter data. Using formulas and triggers automatically fills in contract fields and creates alerts without any manual intervention. A typical formula is the calculation of a contract end date based on the start date and duration. Renewal alerts are alerts commonly created by a trigger. The trigger may include business rules enabling alerts to be customized based on specific contract characteristics such as period of notice.

Custom field flexibility

Use custom fields to create contracts that uniquely fit your business environment. The possibility to add and use only those contract fields that your organization requires puts you in control of your own success. By combining fields in different templates a one size fits all approach is prevented. Users are presented contract templates built up by labels, fields and headers that fit their needs.

Automated exception reporting

Since relevant information can automatically be e-mailed Commerce-hub allows you to focus on exceptions. The flexible reporting tool, includes a scheduler which enables reports to be sent out via e-mail with a daily, weekly or monthly frequency. Together with the ability to, within a report, filter on every available contract field this gives you a powerful instrument to focus on exceptions instead of searching for regular data.