Who we are

Commerce-hub is a knowledge based organization helping companies to fully make use of their purchasing potential. We are a small, flexible and independent organization driven by change, vision, quality and commercial applicability. We like to engage our customers in our enthousiasm to improve processes with software, making them better, more efficient and more transparent.

Our inspiration

Commerce-hubs solutions help you to fully make use of your purchasing potential. Our solutions are based on three principles: the latest ideas on purchasing, latest technologies potential and, not in the least, our daily experience with progressive clients and partners.

As Dutch supplier we are in close connection to local developments. Our customers wishes and suggestions can directly be translated to solutions by our development.

In short, we speak the purchasers language.

Our way of working

All solutions of Commerce-hub make use of the internet and are usable always and everywhere. We work according to the 'SaaS' model. This helps you saving on implementation, maintenance and management of your software and infrastructure. Moreover, the internet offers a variety of new possibilities. Commerce-hub ensures that technology and methods are completely at the service of your organization. Commerce-hub values the transfer of knowledge and skills to the purchasers of our customers. Experienced consultants support you where needed to help you get experienced in order to achieve the important first results.

As well as user-friendly and intuitive operation of our software our consultants are able to directly create acceptance and raise public support within your organization. Our consultants are not only familiar with the technology and functionality of our solutions, they also have years of experience in purchasing and procurement. They are an ideal 'sparring partner', also in the further optimization of the deployment of our solutions. In case of questions in the daily use, u get direct response from our support department. Without waiting and by an experienced client service employee.

Arnaud Honée

Arnaud Honée

Managing partner

Arnaud (1967) lays the foundation on which developers build. He translates concepts to solutions and and ensures that these are delivered as working software.

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Hein van Schaik

Hein van Schaik

Partner and managing consultant

Hein (1972) is the key figure in the customer operation of Commerce-hub. Like no other he is able to translate customer requirements into solutions and to ensure their proper implementation.

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